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33 Web Design Elements Customers Look For

Updated: 2 days ago

a persons hands typing on a laptop for a web design

When people visit websites, they often look for elements that contribute to a positive user experience and engage them effectively. Here are some cool things people tend to look for in web design:

Visually Appealing Layout: A visually pleasing and well-organized layout with aesthetically pleasing color schemes and typography.

Mobile Responsiveness: A website that works seamlessly on various devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent experience for mobile users.

Fast Loading Times: People appreciate websites that load quickly, as slow-loading sites can be frustrating and lead to higher bounce rates.

Intuitive Navigation: Easy-to-use navigation menus and clear hierarchies that help users find what they're looking for without confusion.

Engaging Visuals: High-quality images, graphics, and videos that capture attention and convey information effectively.

User-Friendly Forms: Forms that are easy to fill out and submit, especially for tasks like contact forms and e-commerce checkout.

Compelling Content: Engaging, informative, and well-structured content that holds the reader's interest and provides value.

Interactive Elements: Features like sliders, image carousels, interactive maps, and other dynamic elements that make the website more engaging.

Social Media Integration: Easy access to social media links and sharing options to connect with the brand and share content.

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs): Well-designed buttons and CTAs that guide users towards desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or contacting the business.

Accessibility: Inclusive design elements, like alt text for images and proper HTML structure, to accommodate users with disabilities.

Personalization: Features that cater to individual user preferences or show relevant content based on user behavior.

Security Assurance: Trust signals and security icons, which assure users that their data is safe and the website is secure.

Testimonials and Reviews: User feedback, testimonials, and reviews that build trust and credibility for the brand or product.

Loading Animation: Creative loading animations or progress bars that entertain users while they wait for the site to load.

Storytelling: Effective storytelling through visuals and content that engages users emotionally and connects them with the brand's narrative.

Parallax Scrolling: The use of parallax effects to create depth and engage users as they scroll through the website.

Video Backgrounds: Background videos that add visual interest and showcase the brand's message or product in an engaging way.

Interactive Infographics: Infographics and data visualization that are interactive, making complex information more engaging and understandable.

Surprise and Delight: Unexpected, delightful, or humorous elements that leave a positive, memorable impression.

These are just some of the elements and features that people often look for in web design. A great website should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and capable of delivering an engaging and memorable user experience.

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